Oyinkan Braithwaite – My Sister, the Serial Killer

‘The knife was for her protection. You never knew with men, they wanted what they wanted when they wanted it.’ Spoiler alert: this post contains some spoilers. Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be an expert on this book or the writer. If external sources were used in this post, they are referenced. These areContinue reading “Oyinkan Braithwaite – My Sister, the Serial Killer”

Yaa Gyasi – Homegoing

‘“We believe the one who has the power. He is the one who gets to write the story. So when you study history, you must always ask yourself, Whose story am I missing? Whose voice was suppressed so that this voice could come forth? Once you have figured that out, you must find that storyContinue reading “Yaa Gyasi – Homegoing”

Maisy Card – These Ghosts are Family

‘In the ground they found that they could speak to their mothers. All the women who had ever been transformed under a blood moon. They were not alone. Somehow, though they were trapped in that grave, they were everywhere, with everyone at the same time. The women told the three little girls how to blazeContinue reading “Maisy Card – These Ghosts are Family”